History of the Five Original Southern Colonies in Colonial America
History of Georgia North Carolina History
Colonial Georgia African American History Across North Carolina
Establishing Colonial Georgia History of South Carolina
Georgia History Colonial South Carolina
Colonial Georgia History Wikipedia: History of South Carolina
Women in Colonial Georgia South Carolina Colony
History of Maryland South Carolina - Colonial Period - 1670-1774
Colonial Maryland History of South Carolina
Colonial History of Maryland History of Virginia
Colonial Maryland Family Life Colonial Virginia
Maryland State History Wikipedia: A History of the Colony of Virginia
History of North Carolina Historical Background of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
Colonial North Carolina Colonial Virginia
North Caroling History Wikipedia: Virginia History
Province of North Carolina - from Wikipedia Taxes in Colonial Virginia

Documents Important to the History of the Southern Colonies in Colonial America
Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh Constitution of North Carolina
Royal Commission for Regulating Plantations Constitution of South Carolina
Constitution of Maryland and Its History First Charter of Virginia

Biographies of People Important to the History of the Southern Colonies in Colonial America Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney
George Calvert Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney
Cecil Calvert - 2nd Lord Baltimore Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney Biography
Wikipedia: Cecil Calvert Biography Sir Walter Raleigh
George Calvert (Lord Baltimore) Sir Walter Raleigh - Founder of Roanoke
George Calvert - 1st Baron Baltimore Sir Walter Raleigh Biography
George Calvert Biography John Smith
James Edward Oglethorpe Captain John Smith
James Oglethorpe - Georgia's Founder Captain John Smith Biography
James Oglethorpe Biography

History of Crime and Punishment in the Plymouth Colony in Colonial America Crime and Punishment in the Plymouth Colonies
Colonial Crimes and Punishment Slide Show Crime and Punishment in Colonial America

The Importance of Plantation Life to History of the Southern Colonies in Colonial America
Monticello: The Plantation and Slavery Life on a Southern Plantation, 1854

Importance of Slavery to History of the Southern Colonies in Colonial America
African Americans and the Virginia Colony Misfortune of Indentured Servants
Slavery in America: The History of Slavery Slave Accounts of Slavery in the U.S.
Indentured Servants Video: The Underground Railroad
The Indentured Servant Slavery in the United States
Indentured Servants Slavery and Indentured Servants

SPECIFIC STIES about the History of the Southern Colonies in Colonial America

American History: The Southern Colonies

Outline of American History: The Southern Colonies: Facts and information about the Southern Colonies in colonial times

Sonofthesouth.net: Thirteen Original Colonies: EXTENSIVE historical background about each of the 13 original colonies complete with photographs and images. Included are links to complete explanations about important people, documents, and events.

United States History: The Southern Colonies: Short history of the Southern Colonies in colonial times

Wikipedia: US History: The Southern Colonies: History of the Southern Colonies in colonial times

A Complete History of the Southern Colonies

Sites Which Include Information about the History of the Southern Colonies in Colonial America

13 Originals: The history of the original 13 colonies

Facts about the Thirteen American Colonies

Thirteen Colonies: Historical facts and information

Colonial Charters

Colonial Charters, Grants, and Related Documents: From Yale Law School - A list of documents and their texts for every colony in early America - dates supplied as well

Maps of Early America Maps of Early Colonial America

Other Colonial Pages
The Jamestown Colony The Middle Colonies
The Plymouth Colony The New England Colonies
The Lost Colony of Roanoke Colonial Life

*Also See Jamestown Colony for Additional Southern Colony Information

Southern Colonies in Colonial America: History and Facts

Interesting Facts about the History of the Southern Colonies in Colonial America

*The Southern Colonies were part of the 13 original colonies. The Southern Colonies included the colonies of Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

*Southern colonists grew their own food, and were known for three important crops: tobacco, rice, and indigo.

*These crops on Southern plantations were grown on plantations typically worked by slaves and indentured servants.

Facts about the History of the Southern Colonies by SPECIFIC STATES

*The Province of Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe in in 1733.

*Georgia was named after King George II of England.

*The Colony of Maryland was founded in by Sir George Calvert, known as Lord Baltimore, in 1632.

*Maryland was named after Queen Henrietta Maria who was the wife of King Charles I of England. She granted the rights to establish the colony.

*The Province of North Carolina was founded in by a group of proprietors in 1653, and considered a proprietary colony.

*North Carolina was named after King Charles I of England.

The Province of South Carolina, also a proprietary colony, was founded by Group of proprietors in 1670.

*South Carolina was the southern most part of the English Colony of Carolana, and, like North Carolina, was named after King Charles I of England.

*The Colony of Virginia was founded by John Smith in 1607.

*Virginia was named after Queen Elizabeth I of England, known as the Virgin Queen because she never married.

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Educational American History Powerpoints

Educational American History Videos

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