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Droughts Played Major Role In Jamestown, 'Lost Colony' Tragedies"

Five Popular Theories about the Lost Colony of Roanoke

First English Settlement in the New World: Complete history

History Channel: Mystery at Roanoke: An excellent video

Lost Colony of Roanoke: Summary of the "Lost Colony", and five popular theories as to what happened

Video: : America's Lost Colony

Roanoke, A Lost Colony: Historical summary

Roanoke Colony Deserted

Roanoke Island: Fact and Fiction

Roanoke: The Lost Colony: Historical Facts

Virginia Encyclopedia: Roanoke Colonies

The Roanoke Voyages: Historical Facts

What Happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke? A summary and Video

Native Americans Important to the History of the Lost Colony "Roanoke" in Colonial America
Algonquin North Carolina's First Colonists: 12,00 Years Before Roanoke
Croatoan and Roanoke Colony Video Powhatan

Biographies of People Important to the History of the Roanoke Colony in Colonial America
Virginia Dare Sir Walter Raleigh
Video: Virginia DareVirginia Dare Sir Walter Raleigh and the American Colonies Timeline
Virginia Dare Biography Sir Walter Raleigh Biography
Sir Richard Grenville John White
Sir Richard Grenville John White Attempts to Rescue the Roanoke Colonists
Grenville Biography John White Biography
John White - Governor 1587-1590
Timelines Important to the History of the Roanoke Colony in Colonial America
The Roanoke Settlement Interactive Timeline Roanoke: A Timeline with Original Writings

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13 Originals: The history of the original 13 colonies

Archiving Early America: A wealth of resources about 18th Century America, original newspapers, maps, writings, biographies


Historical Text Archive Archive: Collection of Essays about important events in history

>Thirteen Colonies: Historical facts and information

Wikipedia: History of Roanoke

Colonial Charters

Colonial Charters, Grants, and Related Documents: From Yale Law School - A list of documents and their texts for every colony in early America - dates supplied as well

Maps of Early America Maps of Early Colonial America

Other Colonial Pages
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The Lost Colony of Roanoke The New England Colonies
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Roanoke Colony: History and Facts

Interesting Facts about the History of the Roanoke Colony in Colonial America

*The name Roanoke is derived from the Indian word, "Raw-re-nock," meaning shell money. The Indians would often trade their beads made from shells and called wampum for goods.

*After its discovery, Sir Walter Raleigh brought over a party of English colonists, who settled on Roanoke Island, off the northeast coast of North Carolina. This first group of colonists abandoned Roanoke in 1586 and returned to England.

*Virginia Dare, born to Eleanor Dare, was the first English child born in America

*John White, appointed by Sir Walter Raleigh, became the first governor of the Roanoke colony. When the colony needed more supplies, he returned to England for supplies, but was unable to return to Roanoke for three years due to French pirate attacks and England's war with Spain. Finally, in August 1590, White returned to Roanoke Island and found no one.

* The group of colonists who disappeared after three years when supplies from England ceased to arrive became known as "Video: The Lost Colony and their fate is still unknown.

*116 colonists - 90 men, 17 women, and 9 children disappeared from "The Lost Colony".

*What happened to the colonists at Roanoke in 1587 is one of America's greatest mysteries.

*To this day, no one has explained the meaning of "Croatoan" carved into a tree at Roanoke. Croatoan was the only word that was found when Raleigh returned to the Colony.

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