Information about Geology Topics to Help with Homework Assignments

Video: The Dynamic Earth

Enchanted Learning: Geology, Rocks and Minerals: Leaning materials for young students covering geology topics

Geology for Kids

World Landforms: Learn about the Landforms of the world

Information about Geology Topics to Help with Homework Assignments

Earth Science World: The Earth Science World Image Bank has photographs of all aspects of Earth Science available to the public, educators, and the geoscience community. EXCELLENT RESOURCE! Everything you might want to know about geology and geology topics can be found here!

How Do We Know about Layers Deep within Earth?: An interactive slide show with facts and information

Investigations: Exploring Our Earth: Interactive modules about our earth

Geology - from Wikipedia: Information about the history of geology, and geological studies

Geology and Earth Science Terms and Definitions

How Stuff Works: Geology Library: Articles, facts, photos on Geology topics

Savage Earth from PBS: Excellent PBS site presenting the volatility of the earth's crust and geological phenomena which occur as a result: volcanoes, earthquakes, Tsunamis

What You Need to Know About Geology: Listed by topics: Minerals and Gemstones, Rocks, Landforms, Plate Tectonics, Quakes, Volcanoes, and Hazards, Mineral Resources, Geologic Maps, Regional Geology, Climate, Oceans and Ice Fossils, Geology and Civilization, and MORE

Geology: Birthstones - Overview and Facts
Birthstones: Myths and History History of Birthstones

Geology: Caves - Overview and Facts Virtual Caves
Fascinating Cave Facts National Caves Association
Video: Biospeleology - The Study of Caves Video: So You Want To Go Caving?
Caves - from Wikipedia The Underground World of Caves

Geology: Diamonds and Gemstones - Overview and Facts Facts and Videos about Diamonds
Diamonds Gemstones
Fun Facts about Diamonds How Gemstones are Formed
NOVA Online: The Diamond Deception

National Geographic Gemstone Formation

Video: Where do diamonds come from? Gemstone - from Wikipedia

Earth's Interior and Surface - Overview and Facts The Interior of the Earth
What is the Earth Made Of? Facts about the Earth's Core Video: How the Earth Was Made Earth - from Wikipedia
Geography for Kids: The Earth's Structure Earth's Interior
Video:Layers of the Earth Video: Interior of the Earth
Earth's Landforms - Overview and Facts
Video: Types of Landforms
Enchanted Learning Landform Illustrated Glossary Landforms of the Earth Video
Video: Types of Landforms Glacial Landform - from Wikipedia
Types of Land with Photographs United States Landforms
Interactive Map: Landform Regions of the United States River Landforms
Desert Landforms Mountain Landforms
Landforms Slide Show with Definitions What are Landforms?
Video: How Do Valleys Form? What Are Valleys? Landform Picture Gallery

Geology: Natural Hazards - Overview and Facts Landslide Facts
Information On All hazards Landslide Facts
Kids for Saving the Earth Tsunami Facts
Types of Natural Hazards Tsunami Facts
Video: Natural Hazards and Disasters How Stuff Works: Tsunamis
Earthquake Facts Video: Tsunami Facts
Video: Tsunami Facts
How Stuff Works: Earthquakes Natiional Geographic: The Facts on Tsunami
Earthquake Facts National Geographic: Tsunami Facts
How are Earthquakes Related to Plate Tectonics? Volcano Facts
Live Science: All About Earthquakes How fast do Volcanic Plates Move?
Plate Tectonics, the Cause of Earthquakes How Volcanoes Work?
Types of Faults Responsible for Earthquakes Video: Volcano Facts
Science Kids: Earthquake Facts PBS: Shadow of Vesuvius
Did You Know? Earthquake Facts Volcano World

The Big One: Online Exhibit

Volcanoes a USGS Publication
Earthquake Fault Maps World Volcano Maps
How Stuff Works: Volcano Explorer

Geology: Images

Marine Geology and Geophysics Images: The Images offered here were produced in the National Geophysical Data Center's Marine Geology and Geophysics Division; includes images of natural geologic hazards: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, landslides

Geology: Rocks, Minerals, and Rock Cycle - Overview and Facts Mineralogy 4 Kids: The Rock Cycle
Meteorite Facts Video: Rock and the Rock Cycle
ESA Kids: Meteorites How Do Rocks Undergo Change and Interactive Rock Cycle?
Meteorite Facts for Kids Rocks and Mineral Facts
Interesting Meteorite Facts Rocks for Kids
Mineral Facts The Geology of the Grand Canyon
Mineralogy Database with 4,442 Descriptions and Photos Video: Real World Science: Rocks and Minerals
Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery: "The First Internet Rock Shop" Kentucky Geological Survey: Rocks and Minerals
Mineral Stamps
The Rock Cycle Overview ALphabetical Listing of Photos of Rocks and Minerals
Video: How Are Rocks Formed? Video: How rocks are important in our daily lives Uses
Video: The Rock Cycle 3 Majpr Rock Types

Games to Learn More About Geology
Can You Identify the Rock Game Fun Trivia: Geology

Educational Science Powerpoints to Help with Homework Assignments

Educational Science Videos to Help with Homework Assignments

Reference Sites to Help in Your Research

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Encyclopedia Smithsonian features answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and links to Smithsonian resources from A to Z

Information Please: On-Line Dictionary; Encyclopedia; Almanac, and MORE's Geology Facts for Students Homework Help Resource Page provides the best available facts abut Our Earth, Geology and Geology Topics, Gemstone Facts, Birthstone Facts, Cave Facts, Natural Geological Hazards Facts, Earthquake Facts, Landform Facts, Tsunami Facts, Volcanoe Facts, Rock Facts, Mineral Facts, the Rock Cycle Facts, the Earth's Interior and Exterior Facts, Landform Facts, and Geology Learning Games.

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