Because there are many great sites on the internet that contain facts and information about birds, the names of individual birds are not listed on this page. The bird you choose to learn more about WILL be found in the sites below!

You WILL be able to find exactly what you need here by following the links below and searching for the bird you are interested in learning more about!

Information About Birds to Help with Homework Assignments

Audubon: Just for Kids: Facts, photographs, video, and live bird web cams

Enchanted Learning: All About Birds: Facts, information about birds

Enchanted Learning: Learn About Bird Watching

NeoK12: All about Birds Learning Videos

Smithsonian: Birds for Kids: Facts, Stories behind different bird names, jigsaw puzzles, and MORE

Bird Information Facts to Help with Homework Assignments

Arkive: Bird Facts:Bird Facts and Photographs Bird Species: An extensive index of bird species listed in alphabetical order with links to the bird and photo and facts

The Aviary: A website dedicated to lovers of birds. In the table is a list of the birds currently covered at this site; information on birds contains photographs and facts

Bird - from Wikipedia: Complete information and facts

Cornell University's Lab of Ornithology: Facts, photos, "Bird of the Week", NestCams, and MORE

Video: Interesting Bird facts>

National Geographic:What's That Bird?: Facts, photographs, videos and MORE

PBS: Extraordinary Birds: Facts, information, and photographs of nature's extraordinary birds

PBS: The Life of Birds: Facts, photos, and MORE

Birds as State Symbols State Symbols USA: Birds, Photo, and Sound, and Video

Other Kid Info Pages to Learn More About Other Animals and Insects
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Educational Science Powerpoints to Help with Homework Assignments

Educational Science Animal Videos to Help with Homework Assignments

Reference Sites to Help in Your Research

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Encyclopedia Smithsonian features answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and links to Smithsonian resources from A to Z

Information Please: On-Line Dictionary; Encyclopedia; Almanac, and MORE

Toronto Zoo Animal Fact Sheets: Animals listed in alphabetical order by regions of the world's Homework Help Bird Facts for Students Resource Page provides the best information about Birds, Bird Facts, Bird Anatomy, How Birds Fly, Bird Videos, the Life of Birds, Varieties of Birds, Classifications of Birds, Sounds Birds Make, Birds as State Symbols, and Audio Bird Calls.

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