Health Resources: Age and Life Expectancy

Calculate Your Lifespan How long can you expect to live? The Longevity Game was developed to give you a peek into your future by identifying the factors that can lead to a healthier, more productive life. Through the game, you will gain insight into your daily lifestyle-plus tips on how you can make some positive changes.

Real Age: A Health and Wellness Community: Developed by leading academic physicians, the RealAge program allows you to discover your RealAge and create a personalized Age Reduction Plan; featured on the Oprah Winfrey show

Life Expectancy Calculator: The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator uses the most current and carefully researched medical and scientific data in order to estimate how old you will live to be. Most people score in their late eighties... how about 10 minutes to complete.

What is Your Disease Risk? Find out your risk of developing five of the most important diseases in the United States and get personalized tips for preventing them.

American Heart Association: A great resource for information about healthy living

Ask Dr. Weil: Pertinent Health Issues Addressed

CNN Up-to-date health issues Up-to-date information about diseases and conditions, diet and fitness, mental health, pregnancy and MORE

Family Doctor: Comprehensive health information site from the American Academy of Physicians Comprehensive health information including a drug library, health tools and recipes, health sites, Check a Symptom and MORE

Health Over 1,600 health topics from the most trusted sources.

HealthWorld Online: Comprehensive health and wellness site; integrates both natural and conventional health information

MayoClinic: More than 3,300 physicians, scientists and researchers from Mayo Clinic share their expertise to empower you to manage your health.

Office of the Surgeon General: Online exhibits, videos and links on health topics

WebMD: Look up any health-related issue, from smoking to dreams to STDs to natural remedies, and it is almost guaranteed to be there

USA Today Health News

Health Illustrated Encyclopedia: Diseases and disorders can be researched by category, alphabetically, or symptom or treatment search

Medicine Net: A free medical reference, medical dictionary, pharmacy, and medical news

Medline Medical Encyclopedia: The A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia includes over 4,000 articles about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries. It also contains an extensive library of medical photographs and illustrations Med Terms medical dictionary is the medical reference for Our doctors define difficult medical language in easy-to-understand explanations of over 16,000 medical terms. Med terms online medical dictionary provides quick access to hard-to-spell and often misspelled medical definitions through an extensive alphabetical listing.

MedExplorer: Information about ailments from A to Z, and access to experts

Medsite: Puts 3,000 medical journals at your fingertips

Health Resources: Health Encyclopedias

Drug Database - A - Z: Information and facts about prescription drugs

Discovery Health: Diseases and Conditions: An encyclopedia that provides information about a variety of health topics, diseases, medical conditions, diagnostic tests, medical treatments and procedures, and general information for healthy living.

Health Resources: Information about Hearing Loss and MORE

Healthy Hearing: Become informed about hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus, and MORE

Health Resources: The Best Herbal Medicines Information for a Healthy Lifestyle

Herbal Encyclopedia: Information about herbs and natural products; listed in alphabetical order

How Stuff Works: Herbal Remedies: Herbs listed alphabetically

Henriette's Herbal Home Page: One of the oldest and largest herbal information sites on the web.

Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center: Index of Articles on insights to Healthy Living

MedlinePlus: Importance of Exercise and Physical Fitness

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports: Promotes, encourages and motivates Americans of all ages to become physically active and participate in sports

Health Resources: How to Stay Physically Fit

American Heart Association: Exercise and Fitness Beginners Fitness Information and Advice

Fitness Online: The Best fitness advice and information - all in one place

How Stuff Works: Fitness Information Library

Health Resource: How to Help Kids Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Kid's Health Sites

Online Health Magazines  
Health Prevention Total Health
Medical News Today Runner's World Walk
Men's Health Self Women's Health
Today's Caregiver Shape

Health Resources: Medical Search Engine

Health Resource: How to Maintain Good Nutrition Nutrition and Food

Health Resources: How to Lose Weight

MayoClinic: Weight Loss Basics

WebMD: Healthy Eating and Diet Basics

Natural Remedies for Health Problems

The Old Farmer's Almanac Natural Remedies: Centuries-old remedies for problems that still trouble us today

Online Drug Information about the Medicines That are Popular Today A free drug-information service to help you better understand how medicines work: their uses, side effects and potential to interact with other medicines; Includes information about Drugs by Condition, Side Effects, Dosage, New Drugs, Natural Products, Veterinary Drugs, a Pill Identifier, and more

Quality Fitness Equipment

Treadmill Treadmill is an impartial and comprehensive review site on treadmills. Reviews included are Products, Brands and Specialty treadmills. Each review also consists of a unique star rating and an easy to follow 'What we like', 'What we don't like' and 'Our Verdict' sections.

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