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BBC: The Human Body: An EXCELLENT resource on each system of the human body, including INTERACTIVE activities

Get Body Smart: Visually learn about the human body using Interactive"Flash" Animations A website presented by the United States government with the hopes of improving the health, safety, and well-being of girls throughout America

HealthUnify: To help people to neutralize their stress level and re-gain their fitness, provides important tips on various health issues like skin care, fat burning, healthy bones, fighting common flues, dental care, anti-oxidant food intake, etc. & will uncover some unknown facts you should be familiar with.

The Science Museum of Minnesota: Tissues of Life: Learn about the four tissues that make up the human body; interactive with flash movies

Sites With Information About Specific Human Body Systems and Parts
Cells and Blood Cells - Overview and Facts Red Blood Cells -from Wikipedia
All about Cells White Blood Cells
Merk Manual: Cells How Stuff Works: White Blood Cells
How Stuff Works: How Cells Works Video: 9 White Blood Cells Types and Functions
Cells Alive: Interactive Site about Animal and Plant Cells White Blood Cells - from Wikipedia
Video: Genes, DNA and Chromosomes explained DNA
Blood Cells How Cells Work: DNA
The Blood Cells What is DNA?
Blood Facts DNA from the Beginning
Red Blood Cells Lymphocytes
How Stuff Works: Red Blood Cells

Lymphocytes and Platelets

A Day in the Life of a Red Blood Cell Video Lymphocytes - from Wikipedia

NeoK12: All about Cells Learning Videos

Circulatory System and The Human Heart Facts
American Heart Association Video: The Human Heart
Anatomy of the Human Heart: A Video How Does the Human Heart Work Video
Circulatory System Educational Video How Stuff Works: How Your Heart Works
Circulatory System - from Wikipedia How Stuff Works: How Blood Works
Video: The Human Heart Nova: Map of the Human Heart
Video: Heart and Circulatory System How Your Body Works: The Circulatory System Video
Nova: Electric Heart Human Heart Facts for Kids
Digestive System - Overview and Facts
Digestive System Facts for Kids Human Digestive System for Kids
Digestive System - from Gastrointestinal tract - from Wikipedia
Your Digestive System Educational Video Video: Your Digestive System and How it Works
Digestive System System Video Urinary System Educational Video for Students

Endocrine System - Overview and Facts
How Stuff Works: The Endocrine System Wikipedia: The Endocrine System
How The Body Works: Endocrine System Video Anatomy of the Endocrine System
11 Surprising Facts About the Endocrine System Inner Body: The Endocrine System

Fingernails - Overview and Facts
What Are Fingernails? Nail Disease and Disorders
Wikipedia: Hangnail How Stuff Works; 17 Remedies for Nail Problems
Fingernail Anatomy Healthy Fingernails: Clues About Your Health Video

Hair - Overview and Facts How Stuff Works: Why Do Humans Have Body Hair?

Lymphatic System - Overview and Facts
Video: Overview of the Lymphatic System Understanding the Lymphatic System
Video: Human Body: Lymphatic System Video How Stuff Works: How Your Immune System Works
How Stuff Works: The Lymph System Wikipedia: Lymph Nodes
How Stuff Works: What is Lymph? Immune and Lymphatic System
How Your Body Works: The Immune System Video Lymphatic System - from Wikipedia

Muscular System - Overview and Facts Video: Muscles of the Body
Muscule Facts for Kids Inner Body: Muscular System
BBC Human Body: Muscles Skeletal Muscle Video
The Muscular System Video How Stuff Works: How Muscles Work

Nervous System and the Brain - Overview and Facts
The Nervous System How the Human Brain Works Video
BBC: The Nervous System Kids Health: The Human Brain
The Nervous System Functions and Facts - Animation video Exploratorium: Memory Exhibition
How Stuff Works: How the Nerves Work How Your Brain Works
How Stuff Works: The Brain and Nervous System The Human Brain Structures and Functions
Neroscience for Kids: Explore the Nervous System Video: Nervous System
Nervous system - from Wikipedia How Does Human Memory Work
Nervous System Overview Video for Kids Video: 10 Facts about the Human Brain
KidsHealth: The Brain and Nervous System Human Brain - from Wikipedia
The Brain 15 Amazing Facts about the Human Brain for Kids
BBC: The Brain PBS: The Secret Life of the Brain
How Your Body Works: The Central Nervous System Video Video: The Human Brain : Facts for Students

Respiratory System - Overview and Facts
The Respiratory System The Human Lungs
Anatomy and Function of the Respiratory System How Stuff Works: How Your Lungs Work
Kids' Health: Your Lungs National Lung Institute: How the Lungs Work
Video: How Your Body Works The Respiratory System Your Lungs and Respiratory System Videos for Students
You Tube Learning Video: The Respiratory System Body Maps: Your Lungs
Respiratory System Educational Video Lung - from Wikipedia
Anatomy of the Respiratory System American Lung Association

The Five Senses - Overview and Facts
Anatomy and Structure of Human Sense Organs Neuroscience for Kids: The Senses
Song: The Five Senses How Stuff Works: How Many Senses Does a Human Have?
Hearing - Overview and Facts
Hearing (sense) - from Wikipedia How Stuff Works - How Hearing Works
The Sense of Sight - Overview and Facts The Human Eye - Overview and Facts
BBC: All about Sight Anatomy Eye Overview VideoAll about Your Eyes
Video Eye Optical Illusions Learn about the Eye through a Virtual Cow's Eye Dissection
Eye Anatomy Video Neuroscience for Kids: The Eye
How Stuff Works: How Vision Works Video: Facts about the Human Eye
How We See: The First Steps of Human Vision Strucyure of the Human Eye
Video: The Human Eyes How Stuff Works: How Your Retina Works
Anatomy of the Eye: An Animated 3D Eye Anatomy Glossary of Eye Terms

The Sense of Smell- Overview and Facts Nose Injuries and Disorders
Sense of Smell Facts Fun Nose Facts for Kids
Your Sense of Smell Video Neuroscience for Kids: Smell, The Nose Knows
10 Surprising Facts about Your Sense of Smell
10 Incredible Facts about Your Sense of Smell The Nose - Overview and Facts
How Stuff Works: How Smell Works Kids' Health: Your Nose
The Sense of Taste - Overview and Facts The Tongue - Overview and Facts
How Stuff Works: How Taste Works Kids' Health: Your Tongue
Merk: Smell and Taste Disorders Video: Structure Of The Tongue - Functions Of The Tongue
Video: Smell and Taste Taste Buds - from Wikipedia
WebMD: The Tongue
The Sense of Touch - Overview and Facts Interesting Facts about the Sense of Touch

Skeletal System - Overview and Facts Video: The Skeletal Systems
The Skeletal System The Skeletal System
BBC: The Skeletal System Interactive Chart Video: Skeletal System Images
The Skeletal System Video The Mystery of Human Skeleton Video
The Mystery of the Human Skeleton Video
The Skeletal System Video The Bones
Human Skeleton - Interactive Chart What are Bones Made of?
Skeletal System Videos List of Bones of the Human Skeleton with Images - from Wikipedia
National Cancer Institute: Structure of Bone Tissue

The Skin - Overview and Facts
All About Your: Your Skin Skin Conditions - Overview and Facts
Kids' Health: Your Skin Fast Facts about Treating Acne
Video: Facts about Skin Skin Conditions Overview
Wikipedia: The Components of the Skin WebMD: Skin Problems and Treatments Guide
Skin, Hair, and Nails How Stuff Works Understanding Skin Allergies

Teeth - Overview and Facts Kids' Health: Taking Care of Your Teeth
Kids' Health: Your Teeth Tooth - from Wikipedia
Dental Basics: Tooth Anatomy Dental Caries (Cavities) - From Wikipedia
Tooth Anatomy WebMd: Tooth Decay

Allergies - Overview and Facts
Kids' Health: Allergies
Allergies Center A-Z List with Description How Stuff Works: What Causes Allergic Reactions?
BBC Health: What Causes Allergies Video How Stuff Works: How Allergies Work
Family Doctor: Things You Can Do to Control Allergy Symptoms Allergy Facts and List of Allergies
Food Allergies What You Need to Know Allergy - from Wikipedia

The Common Cold - Overview and Facts
What Causes the Common Cold? How Stuff Works: The Common Cold
Kids' Health: The Common Cold and Its Causes National Institute of Health: The Common Cold
MVideo: How We Catch a Common Cold Facts about the Common Cold

Diseases and Disorders of the Human Body Diseases and Conditions Encyclopedia
Kids Health: Health Problems and Descriptions Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Diseases & Conditions A-Z with Descriptions

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Partnership for a Drug Free Americana
NDA for Teens: Learn the Effects of Drugs D.A.R.E. America
Kids' Health: Kids and Alcohol Neuroscience for Kids: Alcohol and the Brain
Teen Drug Addiction Teen Alcohol Addiction

Helpful Information about Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Excellent free resources that help teens and adults who are struggling with drug and/or alcohol abuse issues to find drug and/or alcohol abuse recovery services in their area. is a non-profit organization providing help, information, and resources for drug and alcohol abuse. Our mission is to help people with addiction problems to find treatment, resources, and ultimately find recovery, regardless of their financial situation. Our services are no cost and confidential.  Established in 2002 has helped thousands of individuals and loved ones to find recovery programs for addiction.

Smoking and Its Effects
Kids' Health: Smoking Stinks Tobacco Facts
Video: How Do Cigarettes Affect the Body? Teens' Health: Smoking
Tobacco Facts for Kids Video: Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema
Cigarette Smoking and Cardiovascular Diseases A Resource for Interesting Smoking Facts
Effects of Smoking on Human Health Tobacco Smoking -from Wikipedia

Living a Healthy Lifestyle / Physical Activity Healthy Living, Eating, and Smart Food Ideas for KIDS
Activity Calorie Calculator Physical Activity and Health
Video: How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
Calculate Your Body Mass Index Kids' Health: Kids and Exercise
Eat Right, Stay Fit Video

First Aid Safety and Tutorials
Kids' Health: First Aid and Safety Mayo Clinic: First Aid: Information to Help You During a Medical Emergency
Health World: Emergency and First Aid Video: Why it is important to keep a First Aid Kit at home

Human Body Systems: Facts

Interesting Facts about the Human Body

*The human body consists of several major body systems: Circulatory System, Digestive System, Endocrine System, Excretory System, Immune System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Reproductive System, Respiratory System, Skeletal System All of the body systems work together to maintain a healthy body.

*The circulatory system consists of blood vessels and the heart.

*The digestive system consists of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

*The endocrine system consists of the body's glands.

*The kidneys are the core organs of the excretory system.

*The immune system consists of types of protein, cells, organs, and tissues.

*The muscular system consists of all of the body's muscles.

*The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the body's nerves.

*The respiratory system consists of the nose, trachea, and lungs.

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