Learn Arabic
Arabic Language Lesson Videos Madinaharabic.com
Fun with Arabic Gulf Arabic in a Nutshell

Learn Bulgarian
Video:Learn Bulgarian - Simple sentences Lesson 0:40 / 2:52 Learn Bulgarian - Simple sentences - Lesson Bulgarian Alphabet

Learn Chinese Chinese - English Lesson Videos
Learn Chinese Video: Learn Chinese Online
Free Online Chinese Lessons Chinese Lessons Online
Learn Chinese: Free Mandarin Audio Courses Chinese Phrases for Travelers

Learn Czech
Local Lingo: Czech Online Czech Alphabet

Learn Dutch 1,804 Dutch Lessons and Exercises
Dutch - English Lessons Learn Dutch
Video: Dutch for for Beginners Dutch for Travelers

Learn Finnish
English - Finnish Lesson Videos Finnish Grammar Bits
Learn Finnish Finish to English or English to Finish Translator

Learn French
Video: Learn French Online Learn to Speak French
French - English Lesson Videos Video: French for Travelers

Learn German
Learn German Online German for Beginners
Video: Basic German Expressions Video: German for Travelers

Learn Greek
Elementary Greek Greek Language Lessons
Learn Greek Online Free Online Greek Language Lessons

Learn Hebrew
Hebrew for Beginners Videos Video: Basic Hebrew Phrases
Learn the Hebrew Alphabet Teach Me Hebrew

Learn Hungarian Video: Introduction to the Hungarian Language
Hungarian Language : A Reference Guide Video: Learn Most Common Hungarian Phrases
Learn Hungarian Hungarian Lessons

Learn Italian
Italian Electronic Classroom Italian - English Lesson Videos
Video: The Best Basic Italian toolkit Survival Italian
Talk Italian Video: Italian for Travelers

Learn Japanese
Free Japanese Lessons Japanese - English Lesson Videos
Japanese Phrases for Travelers NHK World: Japanese Lessons

Learn Korean An Introduction to Korean
Video: Let's Start to Learn Korean Free Korean Lessons

Learn Latin
Beginners' Latin Free Latin Course
Latin - English Lesson Videos Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

Learn Polish  
Polish Basic Words + Phrases

Learn Russian Russian Language Lessons
Russian - English Lesson Videos Learn the Russian Language

Learn Spanish
Study Spanish Learn Spanish Online
English to Spanish Dictionary Video: Spanish for Travelers
Video: Common Speak Spanish Phrases Video: Free Spanish Lessons

Learn Swedish
Swedish - English Lessons Google Translate English to Swedish
Introduction to Swedish: 1 Free Swedish Lessons

Online Translators
FreeTranslation.com Free Online Translation Service
Internet Dictionary Project Bing Translator
Foreign Language Powerpoints

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