English as a Second Language

Activities for ESL Students: Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language (ESL).

EFL Club: For beginning and intermediate students of English as a Foreign or Second other Language: Quizzes, Songs, Stories, Games and MORE; Levels of difficulty listed

English Baby: Fun English Lessons to help you study ESL. Practice English with English Chat, and English Forums. Find Friends and penpals in different countries and test your English vocabulary with our vocabulary quiz! Check out lessons on English grammar and English slang as well!

English Daily: Resources for learning English: Conversation, English Exercises, Vocabulary, American Idioms, Comprehension, English Grammar, Learn English Proverbs and MORE

ESL Cyber Listening Lab: Listen to Everyday Conversations with Adult and Children's Voices.

ESL Hangman: A new way to play a classic game; Review loads of different vocabulary items at the same time.

ESL Memory and Match Games: A complete online reading primer for young ESL and EFL learners. Using memory and reflex learning techniques, students are systematically exposed to thousands of words, sounds, and pictures in an engaging context.

Online ESL News: New Stories from around the world; Read and follow along with spoken word - Requires Real Audio Player

Online ESL Quizzes: A Great way to study grammar online, with a large selection of materials for all levels and abilities; Select the grammar point you want to practice.

Using English.com: 257 free English language quizzes covering grammar, usage and vocabulary for beginner, intermediate and advanced level English students. Simply answer all of the questions in the quiz and press submit to see your score and other statistics. Each ESL quiz is also available as a printable teacher handout.


Online Writing Proofreaders

Polish My Writing:A free automated proofreader that checks for grammatical errors and more. Paste or compose a document into their form . Click Check Writing to get feedback on your writing. Click an underlined spelling error, grammar suggestion, or style suggestion to see more options.

Language Tool: An Open Source proof­reading program for English, French, German, Polish, and more than 20 other languages. It finds many errors that a simple spell checker cannot detect and several grammar problems.

VirtualWritingTutor A free grammar checker that checks your English spelling, punctuation and grammar using this free online grammar checker. Paste your text in the box , click 'Check spelling' and then 'Check grammar' to see corrections and links to ESL practice activities.

Educational Language Arts Powerpoints

Educational Language Arts Videos

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