Computer Resource Sites

How Stuff Works: Hardware Basics Library: Tips and tricks for good computer upkeep and explains things like "What does Alt+F do?" or "What are the different kinds of computers?"

How Stuff Works: What's Inside My Computer: Informational site which includes a video and information about: What's Inside my Computer, the Computer Brain, Other Computer Parts

Apple Resources
Apple Computer MacInTouch
Apple Support

Computer Magazines
Magazines Dedicated to Both Platforms Computer World

Magazines Dedicated to Macs
MacLife MacWorld
MacTech Magazine PCWorld Magazine

Magazines Dedicated to PCs

Magazines Dedicated to Unix
Linux Journal Dr. Dobb's TV

Computer Repair
Driver Zone
Win Drivers

Computer Troubleshooting O'Donnell on Computers: Everything Computers
Five Star Support

Create Your Own Professional Logos and Buttons 3D Textmaker
CoolText Graphics Generator Flaming Text

Customizing Tools

Design Awesome Wallpapers with Canva: Canva is a simple, drag-and-drop, design software that’s completely online and free to use. Transform your computer or phone's wallpaper from bland to fabulous using the free Canva's Wallpaper Maker. The easiest program to use in the world! With Canva, anyone can become a designer!

fd's Flickr Toys: FREE customized things: Jigsaw, Badge Maker, Magazine Cover, Movie Posters, Mosaic Maker, Calendars, Trading Cards, Framer, Wallpaper, Warholizer, Palette Generator, Cube (photo cube), Bead Art, CD Covers, and MORE


Excel Help: Free help and tutorials for Microsoft Excel beginners and developers.

The SEOs Guide to Excel: This guide contains explanations of the 29 functions that you need to know about Excel, divided into easy to understand chapters.

Flash / Java Resources and Tutorials Flash
Java Flash Kit
Java Script Tutorials Video: Flash Tutorials
Java Script Sources FLash and Action Script Tutorials Adobe Flash Help and Support

Free Clip Art
All Free Clip Art Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin
Classroom Clip Art Free Vector Clip Art
CoolArchive: Free Clip Art Discovery Education Clip Art Gallery

Free Photographs Getty Images
Free Photograph Search Engine

History of Computers Computer History Museum

HTML and CSS Lessons Writing HTML: A Tutorial
Video: HTML Tutorial CSS Tutorials
Learn HTML Tizag Tutorials: CSS and HTML

Internet Basics A Beginner's Guide to the Internet
Internet Tutorial Handbook Learn the Net: An Internet Guide and Tutorial

Learn Powerpoint Learn Powerpoint
Learn Microsoft Powerpoint How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Online Tutorials Microsoft Education: Tutorials
ACT Digital Education Network Videos: Tech Tutorials
Bacon Group: Free Online Tutorials Training

PC Resources ZDNet
Microsoft Download Center
Microsoft Education

Photoshop Tutorials Adobe Photoshop Basics
Photoshop Tutorials Online Tutorials and Resources

Sound Effects
Absolute Sound Effects Archive Find

Web Design Tutorials
Online Web Design Tutorial Web Design Tutorials
Web Developers Virtual Library Web Publishing Made Easy

Web Templates Online
Free Templates Online Free Website Templates
Pick a Template, Customize It, Download it for Free Microsoft Online Web Page Templates

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