Histories of Specific Wars
History of the Afghanistan War

CNN.com: The War in Afghanistan: Video, Present Day News, and Historical Facts and Information

Video: The War on Terrorism: Afghanistan and the Taliban: Links to Current news, History and Background Resources, Post-Taliban Afghanistan, Human Rights and MORE

History of the American Revolution

History of the Civil War

History of the Cold War

Cold War Timeline

History.com: The Cold War: Facts, Biographies of Important Leaders, and Videos

Cold War History: Introduction to General Cold War History, Background, How the Cold War Was Waged

The Cold War and Second Cold War History - from Wikipedia: Complete Historical Information

History of the French And Indian War
History of the French Revolution

HIstory.com:E xploring the French Revolution: Introduction to the French Revolution with pictures along with a timeline, brief descriptions of events and biographies; videos

Video: Causes of the French Revolution

Key Events of the French Revolution Timeline

Historywiz.com: The French Revolution: Historical Information and multimedia exhibits

Introduction to the French Revolution: Introduction to French Revolution, Background, Beginning of the Revolution, Fall of the Monarchy, The Critical Period of the Revolution, France Under the Directory

How Stuff Works: How the French Revolution Worked: Introduction to How the French Revolution Worked, Once Upon a Time at Versailles: Before the French Revolution, Estates General Resurrected, The Bastille Falls and Louis Falters, The Trouble with Traitors: French Revolution Events, The National Convention: The Moderates, the Radicals and Those Who Refuse to Wear Breeches See more

Overview of the French Revolution: Summary of events and people important to the French Revolution

History of the Iraq War

CNN.com: War in Iraq: A special report from CNN about the war, U.S. and Coalition Forces, Iraqi Forces, Headlines, Video, and more

The Iraq War: Background, The War, Aftermath of the Invasion,

Iraq War - from Wikipedia: Complete historical background

History of the Gulf War

Desert Storm - A History: Complete historical background with links to important terminology found within the site

Video:Introduction to the Gulf War: Introduction to Persian Gulf War, Background, The Air War, The Sea War, The Ground War, Aftermath of the War

PBS: The Gulf War PBS: Facts, information, maps, chronology, oral history, photographs, weapons and technology

History of the Korean War

History.com: Korean War History: A History, audio, links to important facts and information

Video: What Caused the Korean War:Introduction to Korean War, Background, Early Fighting, United Nations Counterattack, China Enters the War, Stalemate

Wikipedia: Korean War Facts: A List of brief facts about the war

Wikipedia: Korean War History: Online resources about the Korean War, timeline and photographs

History of the Spanish American War

History of the War of 1812

History of the World War I

History.com: Military History -World War I: EXCELLENT videos with historical information about the World War I(WARNING: some graphic photography of the casualties of war)

World War I in 1914:Introduction to World War I in 1914, The Eastern Front, Balkan Front, Turkish Action, Naval Operations

Introduction to World War I

History of World War II

Video: Battle of the Bulge: Learn more about this horrific yet pivotal World War II battle. Read first-hand accounts, meet key players in World War II events, explore related topics and more

Bomb That Ended World War II: The story of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

History.com: Military History -World War II: EXCELLENT videos with historical information about the World War II(WARNING: some graphic photography of the casualties of war)

History.com:Introduction to World War II:The War Begins, Major Fronts & Campaigns, War with Japan, Civilian Resistance and Holocaust, Surrender & Results

World War II History Museum: Learn about World War II with free streaming videos from Have Fun with History.com

World War II - from Wikipedia: Historical Background

World War II Memorial: Historical Information

WW2 People's War: BBC asked its public to contribute stories of their experiences and memories during the second world war to a WW2 People's War. Visitors can browse through the entire archive list that is divided into sixty-four categories such as bombings, domestic life, volunteers, working life, location, prisoners of war, and others. A timeline is available that contains fact files which relate to some of the key events of the war from 1939 to 1945.

History of the Pearl Harbor and World II

Eyewitness to History: Pearl Harbor, 1941: The story of Pearl Harbor; photographs

History Place: Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941: The story of Pearl Harbor; photographs

Pearl Harbor Attacked: The story of Pearl Harbor; facts, information, photographs

Pearl Harbor Remembered: Facts, information, photographs, audio files

Video: Midway History

History of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War From the Delta to the DMZ: Photographs with descriptions

History.com: Military History -Vietnam War: EXCELLENT videos with historical information about the Vietnam War (WARNING: some graphic photography of the casualties of war)

PBS: Battlefield: Vietnam: A Brief History, Battlefield Timeline, Guerrilla Tactics, Air War, The Siege of Khe Sahn, Photographs and Web Resources

PBS: Vietnam Online: A television history; who's who, maps, reflections, and MORE

History of the Military Machinery

Wikipedia: History of Military Aviation: Historical information about the Military Aircraft

Sites with Information about the Histories of Famous Historical Wars

America's Wars: A Complete History: A listing of wars with Historical background about each war

Wikipedia: Military History of America's Wars

The History of World Wars

Wars and Conflicts Important to World History

Interesting Facts about World Wars

*The United States military forces consist of consist of: the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and the Coast Guard.

The Number of women in the United States Military has increased each year as have their accomplishments.

*The sad result in any war are the casualties, or the soldiers who fight and lose their life. A historical listing of the casualties from major world wars, not including bombing or missile strikes, is staggering.

*Historical wars and the facts and statistics about each war that has taken place are often categorized by country, date, region, and types of conflict.

*Memorial Day is celebrated each day to honor the men who have served to keep America safe as well as to honor heroes of major wars.

*The United States Military is the strongest in the world. In an effort to win wars and protect soldiers, the United States Military utilizes many different types of weapons, equipment, and uniforms.

American History Calendar

American History Calendar: A calendar site showing American history in a unique way: through a user-friendly web calendar. Birthdays of important people in American history and important events in American history can be viewed; interactive - browse through it and display details on a specific person or event. A printer friendly version of the calendar is also available.

American History Museum

Smithsonian National Museum of American History Search Engine: Discover history through objects, photographs, interactive timelines: Complete archived collections - excellent!

The History Channel

The History Channel: Each month the History Channel takes new explorations into the past and puts them on display for you, utilizing state-of-the-art interactive technology; listen to speeches drawn from the most famous broadcasts and recordings of the Twentieth Century. The History Channel Time Machine brings you to a different speech every day; trivia quiz; fact of the day; games.

U.S. History Images

U.S. History Images: What better way to learn about and appreciate the history of the United States than through viewing the illustrations of artists from the last century and a half! The images are all in the public domain and are free for anyone to use in any way after viewing the Terms of Use. This website is a work in progress and new images are always being added. Present topics for images include: Life in the Colonies, Colonial Patriots, Native Americans, Native American Culture, The Age of Exploration, and Explorers

Educational American History Powerpoints

Educational American History Videos

Reference Sites to Help in Your Research

American Memory Learning Page of the Library of Congress: Historical collections of photographs, documents, motion pictures, and sound recordings about American culture and history - SEARCHABLE by keyword

Biographies of Famous People Both Past and Present: - SEARCHABLE by keyword

The Biographic Dictionary: Covers more than 33,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day- SEARCHABLE by keyword

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Encyclopedia Smithsonian features answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and links to Smithsonian resources from A to Z

Information Please: On-Line Dictionary; Encyclopedia; Almanac, and MORE

Who2: Find famous people biographies fast! This site also lists links to more information about each person. - SEARCHABLE by keyword

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