History of African Americans in the Civil War Wikipedia History of African Americans During the Civil War
African Americans and the Civil War African-American Soldiers During the Civil War
War for Freedom: African Americans in the Era of the Civil War Video: Black Soldiers in the Civil War
Video: African Americans in the Civil War Colored Troops in the American Civil War

History of Artillery of the Civil War  
Field Artillery in the Civil War Civil War Artillery Projectiles with a video
History.com: 8 Unusual Civil War Weapons Field artillery in the American Civil War

Battle Summaries Important to the Civil War History.com: The 5 Deadliest War Battles
Video: Civil War Battle Summaries by State Battles of the Civil War
Complete Descriptions of American Civil War Battles Civil War Battle Summaries and Timelines by Each State
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History of the Battleships Important to the Civil War War Ships of the Civil War
Video: What Were the Ironclads? The Blockade and the War at Sea
Video: Blockade Runners Video: The Monitor and the Merrimack"
Peek Inside a Civil War Submarine The Navies of the Civil War
USS and CSS Navy Ships and Battles During the Civil War Video: The Battle of the Ironclads
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CSS Alabama The Hunley’s Daring Submarine Mission, 150 Years Ago
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CSS Virginia USS Agawam
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CSS Virginia Confederate Navy Ship USS Tecumseh
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Causes of the American Civil War
Causes and Effects of the Civil War What Caused the American Civil War?

History of Civil War Flags
Civil War Flags Confederate and Union Civil War Flags
History of the Flags of the Civil War Flags of the Confederate States of America

History of Civil War Generals History Central: Confederate General Biographies
AVideo: Union Generals Union Generals
Video: Civil War Generals Historynet.com: Civil War Generals - Confederate and Union

Civil War Glossary
Civil War Glossary Alphabetical Listing of Civil War Terms

History of Civil War Letters
Civil War Letters Letters Home from Civil War Soldiers
Personal Letters Written During the Civil War The Soldiers Write

History of Civil War Maps Library of Congress: Maps of the Civil War

History of Civil War Medicine Medicine During the Civil War

Civil War Photos
How Stuff Works: Civil War Pictures Civil War Photograph Collection
Photos of the Civil War Photographs of African Americans During the Civil War

Civil War Timelines Important to the Civil War
Timeline of the Civil War 1861-1865 Timeline of the Civil War
American Civil War Year by Year Overview Civil War Timeline from the Smithsonian
Events of the Civil War Causes Civil War Timeline

What Was the Life of a Soldier Like During the Civil War? Video: How Civil War Soldiers Lived
Video: Day in the Life of a Civil War Soldier Civil War Soldier's Favorite Music

Documents Important to History of the Civil War
Famous Documents of the American Civil War Historical Documents pf the Civil War

Forts and Field Fortifications Important to the History of the Civil War Alphabetical listing and descriptions of Civil War Forts

Biographies of People Important to the Civil War Biographies of Important People in the Civil War
Wkiipedia: Military Leadership During the Civil War American Civil War Leaders and Events
Biographies of Specific People Important to the Civil War Oliver Otis Howard
John Brown Oliver Otis Howard - Historical Background
John Brown, the Abolitionist Wikipedia: Oliver Otis Howard Biography
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Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln.org American Experience Video: Lincoln's Assassination
Abraham Lincoln Research Site Eyewitness to History: The Death of Lincoln, 1865

History of the Secession of States During the Civil War Why did the South secede?
Confederate States of America - A History History.com: The South Secedes and the Civil War Begins

History of Slavery and the Civil War

Abolitionism 1830-1850: Historical information and facts; documents and more

Civil War and Emancipation from PBS: Facts and information about: From Africa to America, From Slavery to Freedom, The First Years of Freedom

Dred Scott and the Dred Scott Decision: Historical background; information and facts

PBS: Dred Scott's Fight for Freedom: The records displayed in this exhibit document the Scotts' early struggle to gain their freedom through litigation, and are the only exist and records of this significant case as it was heard in the St. Louis Circuit Court

Dred Scott: A Hard Shove for a "Nation on the Brink": The Impact of Dred Scott: The beginnings of Scott vs. Sandford: The case in the federal judicial system; The decision; Dissenting opinions and reactions; the road to civil war

History.com Slave Revolts: Historical Background, facts, and information

Wikipedia: Slaves and the American Civil War: The documents linked provide an overview of Slavery in the United States prior to the Civil War.

Importance of The Underground Railroad During the Civil War

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Wikipedia: The Underground Railroad: Facts and information about the Underground Railroad, the people, and MORE

Underground Railroad from PBS: Historical Overview

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Biographies of Women Important to the History of the Civil War  
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National Archives: Women Soldiers of the Civil War
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Sites with SPECIFIC information about the History of the Civil War

American Civil War Archive:Civil War Documents, Books, and Other Information; American Civil War Preservation Groups, Civil War Collections, Reenactment and Living History Web, US Library of Congress, Orders of Battle, Regimental Histories, Other American Civil War Sites of Interest, Civil War Poetry and Music

American Civil War Causes

American Civil War Homepage:Links to the most useful electronic files about the American Civil War

Civil War at the Smithsonian:Online resource about the Civil War. Digitized images cover slavery and abolition, the weapons and leaders of the war, and the life and culture of the times.

History.com: Military History - The Civil War: EXCELLENT videos with historical information about the Civil War

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Reconstruction Era History

History.com: Reconstruction Facts and Videos: A complete overview with video

Reconstruction: The Civil War: Facts and information including photos AND video clips

Reconstruction and Its Aftermath: A brief explanation.

Video: Timeline of Reconstruction: Summaries of major events from 1865-1870 timeline with links to important people, places, and events

Wikipedia: Reconstruction Era of the United States

Civil War and the Reconstruction Era History

Interesting Facts about the Histoty of the Civil War

*The Civil War began in 1861 after eleven Southern states seceded from the United States.

The South secedes from the Union: South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union on December 20th 1860. Others followed: Mississippi - January 9th, 1862. Georgia - January 19, 1861. Louisiana - January 26th, 1861. Alabama - January 11, 1861. Tennessee - June 8, 1861.

*The Civil War was fought between the North and South, and was also known as the "War Between the States". The Civil War lasted a total of four years from 1861 - 1865.

*During the Civil War the Union Army represented the Northern states, and the Confederate Army represented the Southern states.

*More than 400 Confederate generals served during the Civil War. Famous Confederate Army Generals included: Robert E. Lee, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, Braxton Bragg, and James Longstreet.

*More than 550 Union generals served during the Civil War. Famous Union Generals included: Ulysses S. Grant, Phil Sheridan, William Tecumseh Sherman, George Armstrong Custer and George McClellan.

*Galusha Pennypacker was a Union General at the age of 16. At the age of 320, he was promoted to Brigadier General.

*More than 627,000 men died during the Civil War. Because many diseases were not known, many soldiers died from sickness rather than from the battle.

*More than 10,000 battles and skirmishes were fought across the country during the Civil War.

*Naval ships were used by Union soldiers to create a blockade of southern ports to prevent supplies from reaching Confederate troops.

*Rhode Island was the first state to call for the enlistment of Black troops in the Civil War.

*Mary Virginia "Ginnie"(or "Jennie") Wade was the only civilian to be killed at the Battle of Gettysburg.

*The bloodiest Civil War battle took place at the Battle of Antiem on September 17, 1862. Total casualties numbered 22,726 on both sides.

*Edward Everett, the guest orator at Gettysburg spoke for two and one-half hours. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address was only ten sentences in length and took less than 3 minutes to deliver.

*President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theater on April 14, 1865 while attending a play by the name of "Our American Cousin".

*John Wilkes Booth was 24 years of age when he killed Lincoln.

*General Lee and General Grant signed the "Treaty of Ghent," which brought an official end to the Civil War on April 9, 1865.

* As a result of the Civil War, slavery was abolished after 250 years.

*During Reconstruction, the Fifteenth Amendment written in 1870 gave Blacks the right to votes.

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