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Linda has been a classroom teacher for thirty-seven years, and has recently retired (July 2007). During those thirty-seven years, Linda taught at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Linda began her career as a high school English and journalism teacher at Liberty High School in Youngstown, Ohio. She left Liberty High School to become a middle school language arts teacher for the Boardman Local School District in Boardman, Ohio. Linda left the the Boardman Local School District to accept a teaching assignment for the Canfield Local School District in Canfield, Ohio. Soon after beginning her teaching assignment in Canfield, Ohio, she designed and implemented the curriculum for the gifted and talented program there, as well as the curriculum for the Elementary and Middle School computer program.

Since the inception of her school computer programs, Linda has worked diligently and cooperatively to keep abreast of the latest technological advances, and has successfully maintained a "computer presence" through her computer-related projects and educator inservices. Since retirement, Linda continues to be a part of the technological professional community, and now has more time to make KID INFO the BEST EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE on the internet!

Linda's professional accomplishments include:

*BA in English from Youngstown State University; MS in Education from Youngstown State University (Remedial Reading, Gifted Education); Additional graduate studies from Kent State, Ashland University, Akron University

*Originator of the Gifted and Talented Program and Elementary Computer Program for Canfield Local Schools(Created and designed original curriculum)

*Technology Conference Presentations at MacWorld; MACUL Technology Conference of Michigan, Ohio Technology Conference sponsored by the Ohio State Department of Education; Channels 45-49 Technology Conferences

*Participation in two television documentaries about technological growth and technology integration into the classroom curriculum (One produced by WNEO, channels 45-49, and another produced by Apple Computers of Cleveland, Ohio)

*Computer Training Seminars for past and present Canfield Local School teachers and secretaries (Topics: The Macintosh, HyperCard, Desktop Publishing, Word Processing, Data Base, Software Selection; Integration of the Computer and World Wide Web into Classroom Curriculum)

*Student Teacher Technology Seminars for area college students (Kent State and Youngstown State Universities; Mount Union, Hiram, and Westminster Colleges)

*Computer Training Seminars for Teachers in the Pittsburgh and Cleveland area (Sponsored by Apple Computers and Holcombs)

*Computer Training Seminars for Parents (Computer Setup, Software Use, Internet Basics)

*Computer Training Seminars for local community groups (The Junior Women's League, The Pharmaceutical Wives Club, The Youngstown Garden Club, Area Church Groups, Rotary)

*Coordination and guidance of students in the computer production of a professional cookbook, Chefs Gather 'Round: We Kids Wrote It Down (Sold over two thousand copies throughout the United States, and WINNER of the Ohio State Department of Education's Ohio Technology Award)

*Coordination and guidance of students in the production of a professionally published school newspaper

*Assisted in the writing of an Ohio School Net grant with Alliance City Schools, and other original teacher technology grants

*Author and Recipient of Three Teacher Endowment Grants (Take Time to Read the Print - Take Time to Understand the Print; Good Writers are Winners; The Computer + Classroom Curriculum = The Perfect Match)

*Author of two computer integrated projects for students in grades 4 through 8: My Yesterday, My Today, My Tomorrow; and My State and Me(Published by Intellimation Software of Santa Barbara, California - in the process of being rewritten to include internet integration)

*Professional involvement with the State Department of Education as a chosen participant in the Ohio Educator Talent Pool for the advancement of technological training and teacher inservice

*Presently, Linda continues to present at national and local computer technology conferences, and to provide educational workshops and inservices which focus on helping educators meet today's ever-changing technological challenges. She continues to work daily on KID INFO to provide the best educational resources to students, teachers, and parents.

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